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EN 12158-2:2000 +A1:2010 Standard



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Machinery (MD) Directive (2006/42/EC)

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Wednesday 3rd of March 2021


Builders' hoists for goods - Part 2: Inclined hoists with non-accessible load carrying devices


This standard deals with power operated temporarily installed builders hoists intended for use by persons who are permitted to enter sites of engineering and construction, serving either one upper landing or a work area extending to the end of the guides, (e.g. a roof) having a load carrying device (lcd): - which is intended for the transportation of goods only; - where it is forbidden for persons to step upon it at any time; - which is guided; - which is designed to travel at an angle of at least 30 degrees to the vertical but may be used at any angle between the vertical and the maximum inclination as specified by the manufacturer; - which is sustained by steel wire rope and a positive drive system; - which is controlled by hold-to-run controls by the operator; - which does not benefit from the use of any counterweight; - which has a maximum rated load of 300 kg; - which has a maximum speed of 1,00 m/s; and where the guides require support from separate structures.


Friday 9th of March 2018


This standard is an amendment for "EN 12158-2:2000"

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