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EN 625:1995 Standard



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Gas appliances Regulation ((EU) 2016/426)

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Wednesday 4th of April 2018


Gas-fired central heating boilers - Specific requirements for the domestic hot water operation of combination boilers of nominal heat input not exceeding 70 kW


This standard specifies harness tests on transverse sections of arc welded joints of metallic materials. It covers Vickers hardness tests in accordance with ISO 6507-1, normally with test loads of 49 N or 98 N (HV 5 or HV 10). However, the principles may be applied to Brinell hardness testing (with appropriate testing loads of HB 2,5/15,625 or HB 1/2,5) in accordance with EN 10003-1 and micro hardness testing in accordance with ISO 6507-2 and EN 1043-2. Testing should be carried out to ensure that the highest and the lowest level of hardness of both parent metal and weld metal is determined. The type and extent of testing is as specified by relevant application standard or by agreement between the contracting parties.


Wednesday 4th of April 2018

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