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The best way to manage your declarations of conformity online

This free of charge application allows you to create and manage your declarations of conformity in just 3 STEPS



Create the manufacturer

This Free of Charge application was designed to help manufacturers, consultants, notified bodies to keep under control the EU declaration of conformity.

So, the first thing to do after the registration is to define your own manufacturers inside the "Manufacturer" tab.

The "Manufacturer Add/edit" page (Figure 1) allows you to insert several details about your manufacturers, such as Business name, adress, E-Mail and website. Besides in this page you can also define other properties.

For example you can:

  • Choose if you want a QR code inside the declaration of conformity document.
  • Extends the manufacturer access to other users, even with restrictions
  • Upload the manufacturer logo
  • Then inside the manufacturer tab you can view all the inserted manufacturers. And you can simply delete them, update the details or view the list of products for that manufacturer (Figure 2)

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    Figure 1: Manufacturer Add/Edit page

    Figure 2: Manufacturers List page

    Figure 3: Product List page

    Figure 4: Products List page

    STEP 2:

    Manage your products

    To access to the products section of a manufacturer you can simply click on the manufacturer name or on the "View" button in the manufacturer section. (Figure 2)

    Inside the "Add/Edit product" page (Figure 3) you can describe the structure of your products by specifying the name, the description and if is in sale or not. You can also insert notes and upload the picture. In addition is possible to describe other products that made up the item.

    The products section (Figure 4) allows you to take care of the products for the specified manufacturer. In this page you can delete, edit, or clone an item in just few clicks

    Besides you can change the filters by choose the status (Active or Deleted) or In Sales (Yes or No). Then if a product has been deleted, you can restore it by clicking on the green restore button

    After inserting the manufacturer and the product, you are ready to go to the next step and create and generate a full declaration of conformity

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    STEP 3:

    Compose the declaration

    Once you have selected the product for which you want to create the declaration of conformity (By clicking on the product name or on the View button. View Figure 4) the declarations list page will be shown. (Figure 5)

    The page for the creation / modification of declarations of conformity allows you to fill in a few minutes your declaration of conformity for the selected product. If you want to know what are the information that have to be displayed inside a declaration of conformity you can view the "What is a declaration of conformity" page

    In the "document info" section you will be able to describe the document information such as number, date and place of issue and any notes.

    In the "directives" section you will have the possibility to choose the directives applicable to your product (To search for a standard you can use the Search engine. For each of them you can then select the harmonized standards among those in force or you can even insert references to external documents. For each standard you can define the "Chapter" section in order to always refer to the correct section of the document.

    Furthermore, if required by the directive, you will be able to describe the notified body for that directive

    Subsequently, after having correctly filled in the declaration of conformity, you will be able to view the related document generated and approve it in two different ways:

  • You can download the document, print it, sign it manually and then upload the scan in pdf format.
  • You can digitally approve it using the digital version of your signature and your stamp (Inside your profile you can upload them)
  • If you want to view an example of a declaration of conformity generated through this software, give a look Here.

    Figure 5: Declaration Add/Edit page

    Figure 6: Declarations List page

    Well now you are ready to use the software



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