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EN 60519-1:2011 Standard



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This standard is superseeded by:
  •   EN 60519-1:2015 from: 2018-04-14
  •   This standard is no longer addressed in the last official Journal publication of the "2018-09-14 ". This standard is addressed for the last time in the official journal publication of the "2017-09-08"


    Low voltage (LVD) Directive (2014/35/EU)

      Last Official Journal reference

    Friday 8th of September 2017


    Safety in electroheating installations - Part 1: General requirementsIEC 60IEC 60519-1:2010


    This part of IEC 60519 specifies the general safety requirements applicable to industrial electroheating installations. In case these requirements differ from those of other IEC publications, an equivalent degree of safety is ensured. The requirements apply to industrial installations, intended for electroheating and electroheat based treatment technologies, with the possible use of the following equipment: - equipment for direct and indirect resistance heating; - equipment for electric resistance trace heating; - equipment for induction heating; - equipment using the effect of EM forces on liquid metals; - equipment for arc heating, including submerged arc heating; - equipment for electroslag remelting; - equipment for plasma heating; - equipment for microwave heating; - equipment for dielectric heating; - equipment for electron beam heating; - equipment for laser heating; - equipment for infrared radiation heating.


    Friday 8th of September 2017


    This standard superseed the "EN 60519-1:2003".

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