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EN 61010-2-032:2012 Standard



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Low voltage (LVD) Directive (2014/35/EU)

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Friday 27th of November 2020


Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use - Part 2-032: Particular requirements for hand-held and hand-manipulated current sensors for electrical test and measurementIEC 61010-2-032:2012


IEC 61010-2-032:2012 specifies safety requirements for HAND-HELD and hand-manipulated current sensors described below. These current sensors are for measuring, detecting or injecting current, or indicating current waveforms on circuits without physically opening the current path of the circuit being measured. They may be stand-alone current sensors or accessories to other equipment or parts of combined equipment (see Figure 101). These include measurement circuits which are part of electrical test and measurement equipment, laboratory equipment, or process control equipment. The existence of these current sensors and circuits in equipment requires additional protective means between the current sensor, the circuit and an OPERATOR. This third edition cancels and replaces the second edition published in 2002. This edition constitutes a technical revision. This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition: a) A new Type D current sensor has been defined. b) The terminology for MEASUREMENT CATEGORY I has changed. In this Part 2-032, it is termed 'not RATED for measurements within MEASUREMENT CATEGORIES II, III, or IV'. c) Requirements for markings of measuring circuit TERMINALS and JAWS have been modified. d) CLEARANCES and CREEPAGE DISTANCES have been added for unmated measuring circuit TERMINALS. e) Requirements have been added for specialized measuring circuit TERMINALS. f) The pull test for endcaps of flexible current sensors has been revised. g) Requirements for output circuit leads have been revised. h) Requirements have been added for temperature limits and resistance to heat to prevent thermal HAZARDS from eddy currents and high currents. i) Requirements for circuits or components used as TRANSIENT OVERVOLTAGE limiting devices have been revised. j) Requirements have been added for low battery indication. k) Requirements have been revised and added pertaining to REASONABLY FORESEEABLE MISUSE of measuring circuits, including usage of the current sensor in a manner that might cause arc flash. l) Requirements for MAINS voltage measuring circuits have been added. m) Requirements to prevent HAZARDs from short-circuits have been revised and located in a new Clause 102. n) ROUTINE TESTS have been modified. o) Insulation requirements for measuring circuits have been primarily located in Annex K. p) Annex AA has been added to describe the characteristics of MEASUREMENT CATEGORIES. q) Annex BB has been added to describe HAZARDS that may be encountered when using measuring circuits.


Friday 14th of September 2018

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