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EN 50407-3:2014 Standard



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Low voltage (LVD) Directive (2014/35/EU)

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Wednesday 27th of November 2019


Multi-pair cables used in high bit rate digital access telecommunications networks - Part 3: Indoor multi-pair/quad riser cables up to 100 MHz for maximum length of connection 100 m supporting universal services, xDSL and applications up to 100 Mbit/s over IP


This European Standard defines indoor multi-pair/quad cables for installation in Multi Dwelling units shaft supporting universal services, xDSL and applications up to 100 MBits over IP, their relative definitions and requirements. NOTE Higher bit rate applications need cables specified in a relevant part of EN 50406 or EN 50288 series. It covers cables, with an overall screen, with performances up to 100 MHz, to be used in indoor networks intended to connect the broadband outside plant to the individual customer dwelling for applications 100 Mbit/s over IP maximum length of connection 100 m. The electrical, environmental, mechanical and transmission performance characteristics of the cables, related to their reference test methods, are detailed.


Friday 14th of September 2018

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