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EN ISO 11737-2:2020 Standard



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Medical devices Directive (93/42/EEC)

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Wednesday 14th of April 2021


Sterilization of health care products - Microbiological methods - Part 2: Tests of sterility performed in the definition, validation and maintenance of a sterilization process (ISO 11737-2:2019)


1.1 This document specifies the general criteria for tests of sterility on medical devices that have been exposed to a treatment with the sterilizing agent which has been reduced relative to that anticipated to be used in routine sterilization processing. These tests are intended to be performed when defining, validating or maintaining a sterilization process. 1.2 This document is not applicable to: a) sterility testing for routine release of product that has been subjected to a sterilization process, b) performing a test for sterility (see 3.12), NOTE 1 The performance of a) or b) is not a requirement of ISO 11135, ISO 11137-1, ISO 11137-2, ISO 14160, ISO 14937, ISO 17665-1 or ISO 20857. c) test of sterility or test for sterility for demonstration of product shelf life, stability and/or package integrity, and d) culturing of biological indicators or inoculated products. NOTE 2 Guidance on culturing biological indicators is included in ISO 11138-7.


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

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