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EN ISO 4126-7:2013 Standard



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Pressure equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)

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Monday 30th of September 2019


Safety devices for protection against excessive pressure - Part 7: Common data (ISO 4126-7:2013)


This part of ISO 4126 specifies requirements for safety valves. It contains information which is common to ISO 4126-1 to ISO 4126-6 to avoid unnecessary repetition. For flashing liquids or two-phase mixtures, see ISO 4126-10. The user is cautioned that it is not recommended to use the ideal gas formula presented in 6.3 when the relieving temperature is greater than 90 % of the thermodynamic critical temperature and the relieving pressure is greater than 50 % of the thermodynamic critical pressure. Additionally, condensation is not considered. If condensation occurs, the method presented in 6.3 should not be used.


Friday 14th of September 2018

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