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EN ISO 9606-1:2017 Standard



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Pressure equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)

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Monday 30th of September 2019


Qualification testing of welders - Fusion welding - Part 1: Steels (ISO 9606-1:2012 including Cor 1:2012 and Cor 2:2013)


This part of ISO 9606 specifies the requirements for qualification testing of welders for fusion welding of steels. It provides a set of technical rules for a systematic qualification test of the welder, and enables such qualifications to be uniformly accepted independently of the type of product, location and examiner or examining body. When qualifying welders, the emphasis is placed on the welder's ability manually to manipulate the electrode, welding torch or welding blowpipe, thereby producing a weld of acceptable quality. The welding processes referred to in this part of ISO 9606 include those fusion-welding processes which are designated as manual or partly mechanized welding. It does not cover fully mechanized and automated welding processes. NOTE For such processes, see ISO 14732[10].


Friday 14th of September 2018


This standard superseed the "EN ISO 9606-1:2013"

Anyway is still possible use the "EN ISO 9606-1:2013" until February 28th, 2018

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