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EN ISO 15614-2:2005 Standard



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This standard can be totally or partially supervised by:
  •   EN ISO 15614-2:2005/AC:2009
  •   Directive

    Pressure equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)

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    Monday 30th of September 2019


    Specification and qualification of welding procedures for metallic materials - Welding procedure test - Part 2: Arc welding of aluminium and its alloys (ISO 15614-2:2005)


    This document specifies how a preliminary welding procedure specification is qualified by welding procedure tests. This document is part of a series of standards, details of this series are given in EN ISO 15607:2003, Annex A. This document defines the conditions for the execution of welding procedure tests and the range of qualification for welding procedures for all practical welding operations within the range of variables listed in Clause 8. This document applies to the arc welding of wrought and cast aluminium and its alloys. In this document the term aluminium stands for aluminium and for aluminium alloys. This document does not apply to finishing welding of aluminium castings which is dealt by prEN ISO 15614-4. Arc welding of aluminium is covered by the following welding processes in accordance with EN ISO 4063:  131 : metal inert gas welding (MlG welding);  141 : tungsten inert gas welding (TlG welding);  15 : plasma arc welding. NOTE Specific service, material or manufacturing conditions may require more comprehensive testing than is specified by this document (see 7.1). The principles of this document may be applied to other fusion welding processes.


    Friday 14th of September 2018

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