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EN ISO 15494:2018 Standard



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Pressure equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)

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Monday 30th of September 2019


Plastics piping systems for industrial applications - Polybutene (PB), polyethylene (PE), polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT), crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X), polypropylene (PP) - Metric series for specifications for components and the system (ISO 15494:2015)


ISO 15494:2015 specifies the characteristics and requirements for components such as pipes, fittings, and valves made from one of the following materials intended to be used for thermoplastics piping systems in the field of industrial applications above and below ground: - polybutene (PB); - polyethylene (PE); - polyethylene of raised temperature resistance (PE-RT); - crosslinked polyethylene (PE-X); - polypropylene (PP). NOTE 1 Requirements for industrial valves are given in this International Standard and/or in other standards. Valves are to be used with components conforming to this International Standard provided that they conform additionally to the relevant requirements of this International Standard. This International Standard is applicable to either PB, PE, PE-RT, PE-X, or PP pipes, fittings, valves, and their joints and to joints with components of other plastics and non-plastic materials, depending on their suitability, intended to be used for the conveyance of liquid and gaseous fluids as well as solid matter in fluids for industrial applications such as the following: - chemical plants; - industrial sewerage engineering; - power engineering (cooling and general purpose water); - mining; - electroplating and pickling plants; - semiconductor industry; - agricultural production plants; - fire fighting; - water treatment; - geothermal. NOTE 2 Where relevant, national regulations (e.g. water treatment) are applicable. Other application areas are permitted if the requirements of this International Standard and/or applicable national requirements are fulfilled. National regulations in respect of fire behaviour and explosion risk are applicable. The components have to withstand the mechanical, thermal, and chemical demands to be expected and have to be resistant to the fluids to be conveyed.


Thursday 30th of January 2020

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