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EN 30-1-1:2021 Standard



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Gas appliances Regulation ((EU) 2016/426)

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Friday 12th of January 2024


Domestic cooking appliances burning gas - Part 1-1: Safety - General


This document specifies the requirements and methods of test for the safety and marking of freestanding and built-in domestic cooking appliances burning combustible gases given in EN 437:2021, referred to in the text as “appliances”.The appliances covered by this document are intended to be used in a domestic dwelling.This document covers the following types of domestic cooking appliances:-  independent freestanding hobs;-  independent built-in hobs;-  hobs and grills;-  table cookers;-  freestanding ovens;-  built-in ovens;-  freestanding or built-in grills;-  griddles;-  freestanding cookers;-  built-in cookers.This document also applies to gas cooking appliances incorporating electrical heating elements (e.g. gas-electric cooking appliances).For appliances intended to be used in caravans, or motorhomes/mobile homes or on board of ships or aircraft, additional requirements may be necessary.This document does not apply to:a)  outdoor appliances;b)  appliances connected to a combustion products evacuation duct;c)  appliances having a pyrolytic gas oven;d)  appliances incorporating flame supervision devices and having an automatic ignition device for which the duration of the ignition attempt is limited by design;e)  appliances equipped with a burner that is periodically ignited and extinguished under the control of an automatic on/off device;f)  appliances equipped with an oven and/or with a grill having a fan:1)  either for the supply of combustion air or for the evacuation of the products of combustion;2)  or for the circulation of the products of combustion within the compartments;g)  appliances incorporating one or more hob or grill burners that enable the user to program the delayed start of the cooking cycle;h)  appliances of categories I2N, I2R, I3R, I2E(S), I2E(R), I2Esi, I2Er, I2R and the equivalent double and triple categories which include these indices;i)  appliances of category II2E+3B.This document does not cover the requirements relating to third family gas cylinders, their pressure regulators and their connection.


Friday 12th of January 2024

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