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EN ISO 11850:2011 Standard



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This standard is superseeded by:
  •   EN ISO 11850:2011/A1:2016
  • This standard can be totally or partially supervised by:
  •   EN ISO 11850:2011/A1:2016
  •   This standard is no longer addressed in the last official Journal publication of the "2020-04-02 ". This standard is addressed for the last time in the official journal publication of the "2018-03-09"


    Machinery (MD) Directive (2006/42/EC)

      Last Official Journal reference

    Friday 9th of March 2018


    Machinery for forestry - General safety requirements (ISO 11850:2011)


    This International Standard specifies general safety requirements for self-propelled forestry machines and machines configured as forestry machines. It deals with all significant hazards, hazardous situations and events common to fellers, bunchers, delimbers, forwarders, log loaders, skidders, processors, harvesters, mulchers and multi-function versions of these machine types, as defined in ISO 6814, when used as intended and under conditions of misuse which are reasonably foreseeable by the manufacturer. It does not deal with hazards specific to individual machines, such as those related to specific attachments, and therefore its use will not alone be sufficient to address all significant hazards for a majority of the machines it covers. It does not deal with hazards related to chain shot, chain breakage on the upper side of the bar, lifting operation, remote control operation, the need for work lights or road safety. For vibration measurement, the test setup and work cycles are not dealt with; nor is the verification method for noise measurement addressed. It is not applicable to hazards related to maintenance or repairs carried out by professional service personnel. The list of significant hazards dealt with is given in Annex A. This International Standard is not applicable to machines manufactured before its date of publication.


    Friday 9th of March 2018


    This standard has been withdrawn on 2016-08-31


    This standard superseed the "EN 14861:2004 +A1:2009"

    Anyway is still possible use the "EN 14861:2004 +A1:2009" until May 31st, 2012

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